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De Graaf Bakeries takes over Tarte-Line

De Graaf Bakeries takes over Tarte-Line

Press Release: Spakenburg, May 14, 2021
De Graaf Bakeries BV will take over Tarte-Line Emmen from 1 June next. With this 3rd national production location, the in-store bakery specialist enriches the American Bakery segment and invests further in E-commerce business. 

Who is Tarte-Line
Every day, Tarte-Line bakes 80,000 plate cakes, which are immediately frozen from Emmen for transport all over the world. This segment has already conquered many hearts and will soon be growing with the beloved Cheesecake, among others.

About De Graaf Bakeries
With a track record of more than 3 decades, De Graaf Bakeries is the professional in-store bakery specialist in the Retail industry.

De Graaf Bakeries specializes in the development and production of a broad Dutch range with the highest CSO rating for apple pies. A distinguishing feature is the total Category Management package that relieves customers from A to Z. When it comes to baking with traditional recipes and developing innovative concepts, then this is the right place for you. Every year, specialists invent and develop no fewer than 20 innovative products in their own Bakery Lab. Last month, this family business was the very first in Europe to introduce 4 types of fresh Mars® branded cookies.

The expansion of the American Bakery segment is in line with De Graaf Bakeries’ (inter) national growth ambition. This extra product group puts De Graaf Bakeries more firmly in the saddle in a moving market. Customers get an even wider choice through a more complete range.

 Familiar faces
The entire Tarte-Line team remains involved with the company, so that customers keep the same contact persons, including:
– Valuable Category Management advice based on current market data.
– Choice from an even larger qualitative range.
– Expert guidance and collaboration at every step of the process.
Such as raw material composition, flavor and texture development. And from packaging to the best presentation on the shelf.
– The convenience of ordering online via

Transition to E-commerce
“We are very much looking forward to the introduction of this great product group in our range and the transition to an E-commerce strategy with which we now also unburden our customers online.” says board member Aart de Graaf

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