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Apple pies

Our Dutch bake-off apple pies are a must-have in restaurants and shops. We use the juiciest locally grown apples of the very finest quality! Of course, with a dash of cinnamon and sweet raisins. Would you prefer not to order whole pies but conveniently pre-cut portions instead? We’ll take care of that for you! Piece of cake…

In addition to the popular traditional version, you can also try the new vegan variant. Or steal the show with a real eye-catcher. The new vegan apple-nut cake not only looks fancy. The rich nut, seed and fruit mix gives it an extra texture and flavour dimension.

After defrosting for a short time, the freshly frozen cakes are ready to go. Or go for the freshly baked smell and flavour sensation with our bake-off pies.

Vegan apple-nut pies

In this luxurious-looking apple pie, you can taste juicy pieces of apple with a touch of cinnamon and sultanas. Wrapped in a delicious apple pie pastry. The rich nut, seed and fruit mix adds an extra texture and flavour dimension to this pie. Thanks to the use of exclusively plant-based ingredients, you can sell this pie as a vegan product. A real eye-catcher in your range of delicacies!

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Vegan apple pies

This fresh apple pie weighing 450 grams is prepared with delicious Dutch apples, raisins and cinnamon in a Viennese pastry. A treat for about 5 to 6 people. Thanks to the use of exclusively plant-based ingredients, you can sell this pie as a vegan product. With this pie, you will attract an additional target group in the bakery section.

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All-butter cake apple pies

Ø 16 cm | Defrost and serve

A freshly made butter cake with pieces of apple.

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All-butter apple pies

Ø 18 cm, Ø 16 cm of mini Ø 9 cm | Pre-baked

Richly filled apple pie made with buttery pastry and Zeeland flour, a filling of fresh apples, sultanas and spices. Choose the Bake-off variant or experience the convenience of freshly frozen pies. After being taken out of the freezer, they are ready for sale after just half an hour.

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