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The bakery market in the Netherlands is renowned for being full of traditional products. De Graaf Bakeries was one of the first Dutch producers of bake-off cakes and snacks. With our unique bake-off range, you will surprise your customers with the finest pastry specialties from the Netherlands. The almond paste cookie is the first-ever and best-selling product from De Graaf Bakeries.

The products below are a selection from our assortment. See the whole range on our webshop with Butter Cakes and Butter pencees. If you have a new idea of your own, we are happy to work with you to develop a new product together. “Our secret ingredient is always love.”

Mini Buttery almond paste cookie

Without added sugars*

For those who do want to enjoy it but with less sugar, this traditional Dutch filled cake comes in a small version.

* This product contains naturally occurring sugars.

Apple pencee

A crunchy butter cake filled with chunks of apple and raisins.

Article number:

Buttery Pink fondant pencee

This 100% creamy butter cake filled with almond paste and decorated with a layer of pink icing is delicious with a cup of tea or coffee. And also available in a yellow variety. Perfect for the Easter holidays!

Article number:

Buttery almond paste cookies

This typical Dutch treat with almond paste and creamy butter is available in a variety of sizes as well as shapes, such as: a heart, an Easter bunny, a crown, a Christmas tree and a star.

Article numbers:

  • Cream butter almond classic filled cake 90 grams – 00100
  • Cream butter almond filled cake 105 grams – 00104BL
  • Butter filled cake / baked 95 grams – 00347
  • Mini butter almond filled cake 45 grams – 00437N
  • Butter almond filled heart – 00169SU
  • Butter almond filled Easter bunny – 00117SU

Coconut macaroon

We bake our delicious coconut macaroons with and without a wafer layer. Also known popularly as ‘edible paper’ as a base layer for certain types of biscuits. Please note, coconut macaroons without wafer paper can be put in the oven for 7 minutes longer.

Article numbers:

  • Coconut macaroons with wafer paper – 00114
  • Coconut macaroons without wafer paper – 50262
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