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Savoury snacks

The combination of oven-baked flaky pastry with a
savoury filling is a real treat. Try all the delicious varieties. The best-known are the buttery sausage roll, the frikandel pastry with curry sauce, our buttery cheese pastry with authentic Gouda cheese.

New in the range is the sweet chilli chicken pastry, inspired by the ever-popular Asian cuisine. And the Sauerkraut & sausage pastry, the ultimate comfort food during cold winter months.

With 20 new product launches a year, our range is constantly being renewed. If you have an idea of your own, we are happy to work with you to develop a new snack for you in our Bakery Lab!

Sweet chilli chicken pastry

This savoury flaky pastry snack has been developed taking inspiration from the ever-popular Asian cuisine. With strips of spicy chicken and slightly spicy, sweet chilli sauce. This makes this delicious snack suitable for several target groups and its distinctive character makes it a real addition to the range.

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Sauerkraut & sausage pastry

A traditional Dutch hearty smoked sausage on a bed of creamy sauerkraut mash, surrounded by crispy shortcrust pastry. This savoury snack is the ultimate comfort food during the cold winter months. Not just as a snack in between meals, but also as part of a hot meal.

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Croqui bacon-egg

This delicious savoury snack is a relative of the croissant but with a character all its own. With mouth-watering fillings and a crunchy topping, Croqui’s are a feast for the eyes and at the same time, the ultimate taste experience.

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Also check out our vegetarian croquis with hummus, tomato-mozzarella and spinach cheese.

Chicken satay pastries


My-oh-my what a yummy pastry! This chicken satay pastry is a dream for fans of chicken with peanut sauce. 

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Curried sausage rolls

Anyone who has ever been on holiday in Germany is bound to have come across currywürst – curried sausage. Besides bratwürst, curried sausage is one of the most favourite sausages amongst our eastern neighbours. Jawohl! Wrapped in crunchy flaky pastry, this treat is a delicious snack in between meals!

with curry sauce (various sizes)

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Frikandel pastries

with curry sauce (various sizes)


A frikandel with curry sauce sandwiched between deliciously flaky pastry. This pastry with the Beter Leven quality mark is available in 3 different sizes.

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  • Small 145 gr. – Article number: 10663
  • Regular 165 gr. – Article number: 51112
  • XL 175 gr. – Article number: 10661

Buttery sausage roll


These buttery sausage rolls are typical Dutch snacks for in between meals. The deliciously spiced mincemeat bears the Beter Leven quality mark. The traditionally-folded sausage roll weighing 110 grams is made to order.

Article number:

  • Small 110 gr. – Article number: 10620n
  • Super 135 gr. – Article number: 10665n
  • Mega 150 gr. – Article number: 10666n
  • Traditionally folded (110 gram) – Article number: 07482

Meatball pastry with satay sauce

A traditional meatball with satay sauce is delicious as it is. But this savoury snack is particularly enjoyable on oven-baked flaky pastry. You should also try our chicken satay pastry. Or the crunchy Croquette pastry with mustard sauce.

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