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Sweet pastry snacks

The finest quality pastry is made with real butter in combination with various fillings of fresh fruit, garnished with fine crystal sugar for the best possible flavour and crispy sensation.

The apple turnover (Appelflap) is perhaps the most famous ‘quintessential Dutch’ product in this category and a margarine variant can also be ordered. Also try our wonderful apple strudel pastry, the fruit cream pastry or almond paste pastry. The smell of freshly baked pastries in your shop is impossible to resist.

Apple treats

This deliciously crunchy flaky pastry snack, filled with apple and sultanas, is the little sister of the traditional apple turnover. The best part is: you don’t have to wait until December but can enjoy them right now!

Article number:

Pink Tompouces

A welcome addition to any occasion: the Tompouce, or millefeuille, is a flaky pastry treat shaped like a brick with delicious crème patissière and topped with pink fondant.

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Apple turnovers

different varieties

These traditionally folded apple turnovers are our puff pastry classics. Sprinkled with crystal sugar and filled with the finest apples.

The mini apple turnovers can be taken out of the oven at 190 ° C 2 minutes earlier.

Article numbers:

  • Traditionally folded – 10540
  • Margarine apple turnover – 10575
  • Buttery apple turnover – 9628
  • Buttery mini apple turnover 40 gram – 9631
  • Buttery mini apple turnover 50 gram – 10584

Baking advice large apple turnovers:


A deliciously crispy flaky pastry product with a yellow cream filling topped with a fresh fruit filling and sprinkled with crystal sugar. Available in five

different flavour varieties: cream, apple-, pear-, cherry- and apricot cream. A colourful and eye-catching addition to the range.

Article numbers:

  • Cream pastry – 7064
  • Pear cream pastry – 9
  • Apple cream pastry – 7062
  • Cherry cream pastry – 7063
  • Apricot cream pastry – 7060

Puff pastry rolls


Puff pastry rolls with different fillings are delicious! Their handsome exterior and fruity interior add that fun twist. Delicious with coffee!

Article number:

  • Vanilla roll – 10647n
  • Vanilla cherries –
  • Vanilla strawberry –

Traditional Dutch snacks


These sweet pastry classics should not be missing from the range. Crispy puff pastry sprinkled with crispy granulated sugar and deliciously creamy fillings.

Article numbers:

  • Buttery cherry pastry – 10523
  • Buttery apricot pastry – 10524
  • Buttery almond pastry – 10590n

Braid buns


These beautiful braid buns are a feast for the eyes. Sprinkled with almond flakes or granulated sugar and filled with the tastiest ingredients.

Article numbers:

  • Apple strudel sandwich – 8557
  • Forest fruit cream roll – 50045
  • Strawberry cream bun – 7738
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