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Vega snacks

Vega snacks

CSO, the Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek (Dutch Centre for Flavour Research), has named our sausage roll as the best.

“I can’t believe it’s not meat!”

Vegetarian frikandel pastry

In 2021, the time is ripe for a vegetarian variant of a great Dutch flaky pastry classic; enjoying food in a socially responsible way is the trend. Water, plant-based fibre and soy protein form the basis of this vegetarian frikandel. Flavoured with succulent mushrooms, onion and garlic. And the beloved curry sauce? That can stay : ) Bon appetit!

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Vega Croquis

Simply indulge yourself!
This delicious savoury snack is a relative of the croissant but with a character all its own. With mouth-watering fillings and a crunchy topping, Croqui’s are a feast for the eyes and at the same time, the ultimate taste experience.

Article numbers:

  • Croqui Hummus (Vega) – 10592
  • Croqui Mozzarella Tomato (Vega) – 10593
  • Croqui Bacon Egg – 10594
  • Croqui Spinach Cheese (Vega) – 10595

Try them all!

Vega sausage roll

Our vegetarian sausage roll, made on the basis of soy and proteins, has been tested as the best by CSO.

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