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The December month is brimming with traditions and traditional snacks. What is a wonderful evening without speculaas and amandelletters (almond letters)? And New Year’s Eve is not complete without the finest oliebollen and apple beignets.

Thanks to our seasonal range, you can choose a different variant of traditional delicacies time and time again. Or a delicious old-fashioned ‘gevulde koek’ (buttery almond paste cookie) in a special mould.

Roomboter amandelletter/staaf (Buttery almond letter/roll)

Crispy flaky pastry, filled with the very finest almond paste.

Gevulde speculaas bars

These speculaas bars made of spiced pastry with a crispy crust are available with or without whole almonds and almond slivers. And filled with a creamy almond paste.

Speculaastaart (Speculaas cake)

A delicious seasonal cake made of spiced dough, with an almond paste filling and almond slivers on top.

Speculaasbrokken (Speculaas biscuit pieces)

Speculaasbrokken are spicy, crunchy biscuits with almond slivers. Briefly dip each bite into hot coffee to enjoy it in the traditional Spakenburg way.

Gevulde speculaas

The finest almond paste with a spicy layer of pastry on top and underneath. Sprinkled with crunchy nuts.

Gevulde speculaaskoek (almond paste speculaas cookie)

The ‘gevulde speculaaskoek’ looks like a ‘gevulde koek’ but has traditional ‘December’ spices in the pastry. Filled with the finest almond paste and decorated with almond slivers.


Our oliebollen are lovingly made with a delicious filling of sweet raisins. Crispy on the outside and soft and full of flavour on the inside make for the perfect combination. With our bake-off variant you will be able to magically conjure up fresh oliebollen on the shelf in no time at all.

Add natural oliebollen to your order so that you have something for everyone.

Apple beignets

Both the traditional apple beignets and the potpourri apple beignets are of a consistently high standard. The traditional beignets have a crusty Dutch pastry and are filled with crisp, sweet Dutch apples and almond-cinnamon paste filling. The cinnamon sugar coating lends these beignets a luxurious look and also gives them a crunchy exterior.


  • Fried potpourri apple beignet – 00201WG
  • Bake-off potpourri apple beignet – 00200N
  • Fried slice & paste apple beignet – 00214WG
  • Bake-off slice & paste apple beignet – 00232N
  • Mini fried potpourri apple beignet – 070451


  • All-butter apple beignet with Elstar apple slice and almond-cinnamon paste – 071515
  • Bake-off all butter apple beignet with Elstar apple slice and almond-cinnamon paste – 071514
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